Friday, July 16, 2010

"Quicktrim" ... just another Quick trick??

Not so New Diet Trend
A Kim Kardashian like body in a bottle.. well not quite. The "new" (but not so new) diet pill that Kim and Klohe Kardashian have signed on as spokespersons for is not drastically different from many other diet pills endorsed by celebrities past and present. As a matter of fact the "active ingredients" of Quick Trim happen to be some of the same main ingredients in other diet pills including high amounts of stimulants generally in the form of caffiene, bulk laxatives and stimulatory laxatives, herbs marketed as "appetite supressants", vitamins and herbs marketed as "detoxifiers", and of course the classsic fat burners or metaboism boosters which are more often than not simply amino acids.

Reality is...
So often I have patients coming in and asking for a pill to help them lose weight, and when I inform them that there just isn't such a pill, it comes as such surprise. If losing weight were as easy as swallowing a pill then the obesity epidemic plaguing the US would be declining. Well.... its not declining and Quick trim is not going to result in dramatic weight loss. It is true that some of the ingrediets in diet pills may cause increase in bowel movements, burn fat, lessen cravings or shed pounds (understandable when your not allowed to eat for 3 days other than produce and water, as some instruct) but all this with the risk and or expensive of high blood pressure, heart problems, insomnia, stomach problems and let's not forget a pretty steep price tag. Diet pills are of the most expensive nutritional supplements sold, some costing as much as 250 dollars a week.

Well, if this and the many other diet pills out there are as successful as they claim in aiding in weight loss why do so many people continue to struggle with weight? If Kim and the many other celebrities with idealisitic bodies are simply using pills, then why doesn't it work for the rest of us? The answer to this is not as simple as yes or no, and for most of these individuals they have teams behind them including trainers, personal chefs and nutritionists.

Want success? My Recommendation is...
So what to do then, if diet pills dont work and personal trainers and nutritionists are too expensive? First I recommend picking up health magazines from time to time and reading through them. More often than not you'll get sound evidence on healthy foods and tips to improve your diet. Secondly, Mom said it best "eat your vegetables"! It is almost impossible to lose weight with out forceful presence of vegetables on your plate. Lettuce and tomato on a sandwich are simply not enough. Plates need to be half full with vegetables and loss loaded with carbs. Try to consume most of your foods from fresh sources and less from processed packages and most importantly CUT out the sugars!! (which includes simple carbohydrates that turn into sugar in the body such as postatoes, white bread, white pasta, rice, etc). Choose whole grains that are higher in fiber!
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